Kimkins in the news, again

November 18, 2007

Corona diet promoter sued, called a liar


Isn’t the picture stretched?

November 12, 2007

I think so, too.

Faked success stories at – Part 57

October 4, 2007

Ray on kimkins is actually Joe.

A continually updated fake success story/photo page is here, at kimkinsexposed!

More fake success stories on

October 4, 2007

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I’m sure the stories will be taken down soon. If that’ll be the case, go here & there.

Hat tip to the super sleuths at lcf!

Kimkins – 2nd Installment on KTLA is up

October 3, 2007

Click on image to watch it now!

Kimkins Diet Scam Exposed

Kimkins Success stories & photos

October 3, 2007

The mystery of some of them has finally been solved.




On the forum someone asked:

I just saw the picture used as your “after” in the Womens World article on a Russian mail order bride site.

It was the exact picture!! At least 16 of your success stories are also pictures from the Russian mail order bride site, lowcarbfriends is posting your success story pictures and the _link_s to the Russian site, there is no question it is your success stories. What is your explanation for this?? Is anything real on this site?? I have tried and tried to believe you, but with even YOUR “after” picture coming from the Russian bride site, there is nothing else you can say.

I expect a refund asap, none of your “TOS violation” crap.

A very disappointed client,

edited name

This only lasted one mintue in the Ask Kimmer thread

This only lasted one mintue in the Ask Kimmer thread

(copy/paste from lcf)

Desperately grasping for straws here, not?

October 1, 2007

Go Read Kimkins Exposed: This quacks us up