Faked success stories at Kimkins.com – Part 57

October 4, 2007

Ray on kimkins is actually Joe.

A continually updated fake success story/photo page is here, at kimkinsexposed!


Heidi Diaz talks to Jimmy Moore again

October 4, 2007

Listen to it here 😀


Full article and transcript: here

And another faked success story

October 4, 2007

Brad’s success story.

Pic taken from here.

Again hat tip to the sleuths at lcf!

More of The Kimmer on YouTube

October 4, 2007

Released by Slamboard:

Or click here.

Russian mail order bride diet…

October 4, 2007

… just for shits & giggles …

by doodle-in-ma:


More fake success stories on Kimkins.com

October 4, 2007

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I’m sure the stories will be taken down soon. If that’ll be the case, go here & there.

Hat tip to the super sleuths at lcf!

Kimkins – 2nd Installment on KTLA is up

October 3, 2007

Click on image to watch it now!

Kimkins Diet Scam Exposed